I see bravery everywhere…

Some days it scales mountains, other days it takes one step outside⁣
I’m sure bravery raws some days. And others it whispers, “I’m not ok”⁣
Sometimes it sounds like, “I was wrong” or “I’m sorry”, “I see your point of view”⁣
Some days bravery paints a daring masterpiece. Others it dares to make a single brush stroke⁣
Yesterday it was a fiery “yes” from your belly to your tongue. Today a cool, defiant “no” brings the temperature down⁣
Sometimes it says “I love you”, others “it’s over”⁣
Bravery keeps trying even when nothing is working⁣
I see bravery shining in those tears on your cheeks, and in your laughter despite it all ⁣
Often bravery chooses to walk a different path to those of its family and friends⁣
Bravery told me it gets scared sometimes, but I know it keeps breathing even when it hurts⁣
The other day bravery took one look and then went straight back to bed⁣
Sometimes no one sees it.⁣
To some people bravery looks small, but if you saw where it came from, you’d say it was a giant.⁣

I see you, brave ones. ⁣

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